You can contact us via phone, fax, and email or in person with any questions or comments you may have in reference to the credit union.

The email links are provided for your convenience. Email from this section of the website is not secure. Information in emails can be read by others. Do not email sensitive information such as passwords, social security numbers, account numbers, mother's maiden name, etc.

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Board of Directors

Joe Hoinacki, Chair
Keith Berholtz, Vice Chair
Howard Mezera, Treasurer
Sally Laabs, Secretary
Fred Hamel
Donna Webb
Jeff Schettl

All of our Directors are members of the credit union. They serve for three-year terms, on a volunteer basis, making decisions on policies and what products and services would be beneficial to the members. The Board typically meets the last Monday of every month. If you have any interest in running for a board of director position, please contact Sara at 920-233-2611

Management Team

Sara Steichen, President
Linda Hurkman, Vice President, NMLS #658562

For loans, contact:
Linda Hurkman
NMLS #658562
(920) 233-2611 ext 216

For questions/comments/policies, etc. contact:
Sara Steichen
(920) 233-2611 ext 218

National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) Info:
Oshkosh Truck Credit Union Institution ID #653534
Linda Hurkman NMLS #658562

Debit or Credit Card Lost/Stolen

If your card is lost or stolen, please call the applicable number below IMMEDIATELY.

For lost/stolen debit cards: (800) 383-8000

For lost/stolen credit cards: (727) 570-4881

Then call OTCU at (920) 233-2611 during regular business hours to order a replacement card. Do NOT wait until the next day or after the weekend to contact OTCU. Lost or stolen cards need to be reported just as soon as you are aware that the card is missing.

By reporting it immediately, a block will be placed on your card, stopping further transactions. If you report your missing card after business hours, we will contact you during office hours to go over recent transactions directly with you. OTCU will order a new card for you, and we can assist you with filing a transaction dispute, if necessary.