Fee Schedule

Effective 2/1/15.

Account history or statement reprint $2.00 each; Free if accessed thru online or mobile banking. E-Statements are free & available online for at least 12 months.
Account reconciliation $20.00 per hour, first time free. Minimum charge of $10.00.
ACH Return Items $30.00 each
ATM Cash Withdrawals $2.00 each after two (2) free per month.
Bill Payer Free, as long as at least 1 bill payment each month. $4.95 /month fee if no transactions were made during the month.
Check Cashing Fee - Non Member $5 per check
Check Replacement Fee $25.00 (Charged to any non-member or business seeking to replace a member share draft with a teller check.)
Copy of cleared check or deposit item $2.00 each
Debit card or PIN replacement fee $10.00 fee to replace lost or stolen cards. $3.00 to replace lost or forgotten PIN
Debit card maintenance fee $12.00 annual fee, per membership, not per card. Fee is charged on March 1st of each year. This helps defray the escalating costs from merchant data breaches and added security layers required to protect your account information.
Debit card swipe & sign or debit card swipe & PIN. VISA International Transfer or Currency Conversion No charge. You can also get additional cash back above your purchase at many retailers. *If transactions are done in a foreign country VISA may charge an additional conversion fee. This fee will be passed on to you. This fee is currently 1% of the transaction.
Garnishment / Levy or other Government Ordered Withholding $25
Holiday Savings Early Withdrawal Fee If any withdrawal is made from this account after the tenth day of opening or renewal but before club distribution date, you will be charged $10.00. Fee waived if account is closed, however account may not be re-opened until the next club year begins.
Inactive/Dormant Account Maintenance $5.00 per month. Inactive/Dormant account is any account with no activity for over 12 months, and no other active accounts. Dividend payment is not considered activity. Applies to balance less than $200. Does not apply to members under age 18. Membership will be closed when balance reaches zero.
Involuntary Account Closing (share draft acct) $25
Money Orders / Teller Checks* $1.00 each * No fee for Teller Check if payable to you (account owner, joint owner)
NSF Item not returned $30.00 per item.
NSF Items returned $30.00 per item. Excessive NSF returns may be cause for involuntary account closing.
Overdraft transfers from savings or line of credit $12.00 per item. Exact amount needed to clear each item plus the fee, will be transferred.
Returned deposit items $25 each
Returned Mail / Address Correction from Post Office $ 5.00 / month (If you do not notify us that your address has changed)
Share draft printing Depends on style ordered.
Starter Checks $1.00 per sheet
Stop payment order (Member share draft or ACH item) $25.00 per check, block of checks $50.00. Written stop payment orders are valid for 6 months.
Stop payment order on Teller Check or Money Order $25.00 per check or money order. Declaration of Loss required.
Telephone transfers $2.00 each
Verbal Check Agreements (Savings Account) $25.00 Return / Handling Fee
Wire Transfers Incoming wire: $20.00 | Outgoing wire: Not available

Visa Platinum Credit Cards

Annual Fee NONE
Balance Transfer NONE
Cash Advance $5.00 each
Foreign Transaction 1% of each multiple currency transaction in US Dollars and .80% of each single currency transaction in US Dollars.
Late Payment Up to $25
Returned Payment Up to $25
Returned Convenience Check Up to $25
Document Copy $15
Emergency Card Replacement $150
Card Replacement $10
Card Recovery $65
Statement Check $5 per check used