Oshkosh Truck Credit Union offers a variety of saving/share accounts to fit your individual and family goals. Whether you're starting out, saving for a child's future or planning ahead for that special occasion, we have savings accounts to meet your needs. Plus you can set your own account name to personalize it even more.

Saving for a new car? Call it your NEW CAR FUND. Upcoming wedding? Name it WEDDING EXPENSE FUND.

See the Deposit Rates page for rate and transaction requirements, and fee schedule for any potential fees. Unless otherwise noted, all dividends are paid monthly.

Savings Accounts (Regular, Sub-shares, Custodial, etc.)

As a credit union, your main share account is called your Regular Share account and requires a $5.00 minimum balance - your membership fee - that is fully refundable when you close your membership. We offer many options for sub-share (savings accounts) that you can use to keep your funds separate whether you are saving for something specific or maybe you want to have a joint owner on some savings accounts but not all of them. Call us or stop in to find out how we can help you meet your savings goals.

We also offer custodial accounts.

Kids Club / Teen Accounts

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Meet George, Our Kids Club Mascot!

Your kids will want to join the OTCU Kids club. They can collect free punches on their savings card with every deposit of $5 or more. Fill the punch card and they get a free gift from us.

We also send out a special birthday mailing to the kids, and hold special kids club events with games and prize drawings.

Once your child reaches their teen years, their account automatically rolls into a Teen account.

Call or stop in for more information.

Homeowner Savings Accounts

If you have your first or second mortgage with OTCU you can use our Homeowner Savings account to save for your real estate taxes, homeowners insurance, or even repairs and maintenance. This account is a voluntary account and is not required. Typically this account pays a higher dividend than a regular savings account as a reward for having your mortgage with us.

Please note off your mortgage with OTCU, your homeowners account will be closed and the funds transferred to your regular share account.  Online banking withdrawals are not allowed from this type of account.

Holiday Club Accounts

To help you save for holiday spending and gift giving, OTCU offers a Holiday Club Account. The club year runs from October 1st thru September 30th each year. You can deposit up to $625 into your club account each month. This is a great way to help you budget for your holiday expenses and makes it easy for you to save.

Dividends are paid annually on Holiday Club Accounts. Early withdrawal fees apply. See fee schedule for details.

Money Market Accounts

Want to earn a higher rate on your savings, but don't want to tie up your money for six months or more? Our Money Market savings accounts might be what you are looking for. Typically a money market account will pay a higher dividend than regular savings, but your funds are still available to use as needed. Minimum deposit requirements and other restrictions apply. Please see Deposit Rates page for details.

Share Certificate Accounts

Want to earn a higher rate on your savings? If you don't need access to your money for at least six months, you might want to consider a Certificate of Deposit. We offer Share CD's for as little as $1,000. You can choose your term from six months up to five years. Typically the rate will be higher the longer the term. Please see Deposit Rates page for details.